Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from Space (GUARDS)

GUARDS is an international coalition against global WiFi from space, a complex technology of radiation and toxic chemicals endangering all life on Earth

Note: Signatures to the letter were initially gathered over only a two day period. The letter was delivered with those 377 signatures on it. Requests to sign the letter continued to be received even after the cut-off without further promotion or requests. The letter now has 492 signatures. If you would have liked to sign the letter, please email us at with Join Email List in the heading. You will then be notified immediately when such an opportunity arises.

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January 12, 2016

To: European Commission From: Citizens of the world opposed to space-based wireless radiation deployments on the basis of hazards posed to human health and the environment

We the undersigned are knowledgeable about the health and safety effects of electromagnetic fields and microwave radiation. We bring to your attention that Google Inc. has applied for an experimental license from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to implement an internet/communication wireless network over the United States beginning on January 1, 2016. Google's Project Loon, using balloons, is already operating on an experimental basis in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, United States, and other locations.

Google states that it plans to deploy a global wireless communications network to both the developed world and the most remote parts of the Earth. Though it has not yet taken action, the FCC and other U.S. Government agencies may grant approval to Google to begin "experimentation" on an expedited basis. Such approval prevents the level of scrutiny, public notice and review that a proposal of this size and scope warrants. Titan Aerospace Holdings, Inc. has already been granted an experimental license on an expedited basis by the FCC on October 20, 2015 to provide internet in the state of New Mexico using drones. An expedited process subverts critical analyses required to ensure that environmental protection and aviation safety standards are met.

We know that millions of people in the developed world have already become functionally disabled, due to the electromagnetically polluted environments produced by terrestrially based wireless communication infrastructures. Many persons have been forced to flee their homes and jobs, experiencing great difficulties finding a safe and sustainable place to live. Some have sought refuge in remote areas where wireless internet is spotty or nonexistent. With the deployment of Project Loon and other space-based wireless communications projects proposed or underway, and Google's widespread deployment of microwave radiation, such persons will have no place to go.

In May 2015, a large group of international scientists, each of whom had published peer-reviewed research on the biological and health effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) from extremely low frequencies through microwave radiation, appealed to the United Nations, the World Health Organization, and the U.N. Environmental Programme to institute precautionary measures and to revise international EMF exposure guidelines that are obsolete and inadequate. Presently, 218 scientists in 40 nations have signed The International EMF Scientist Appeal, which states: "Numerous recent scientific publications have shown that EMF affects living organisms at levels well below most international and national guidelines. Effects include increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being in humans. Damage goes well beyond the human race, as there is growing evidence of harmful effects to both plant and animal life."

The Brussels International Scientific Declaration on Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, released in 2015, builds on several prior resolutions calling for greater protection to prevent what may become "a major public health concern in years to come worldwide, i.e. in all the countries implementing unrestricted use of electromagnetic field-based wireless technologies..."

Given the compelling scientific evidence demonstrating harm from the proliferation of terrestrial wireless communication infrastructure and devices; and given the emerging human rights, public health and environmental crises there from, we find the deployment of space-based wireless communications hazardous on the largest scale, and hereby call attention to the biological plausibility that such deployments will increase rates of global species decline and extinction.

We therefore urge the European Commission to heed our warning, and, recalling Resolution Number 1815 of the Parliamentary Assembly, Council of Europe, adopted May 27, 2011, The potential dangers of electromagnetic fields and their effect on the environment, to enact and promote precautionary measures that productively address this urgent matter. We specifically urge the EC to advise EU member states to defer proposed business agreements to participate in space-based wireless communication deployments.


Elizabeth Kelley, MA, Electromagnetic Safety Alliance, USA
Arthur Firstenberg, President, Cellular Phone Task Force, USA
Susan Clarke, ENvironmental Health Advocacy League, Post-grad/10 yrs. RF Bioeffects, Harvard School Public Health, USA
Barbara Payne, Women's Initiative to Reduce ElectroSmog (WIRES), Canada
Oram Miller, BBEC, EMRS, Create Healthy Homes, USA
Nina Beety, Wireless Radiation Alert Network, USA
Martin Blank, PhD, Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics, Columbia University, USA
Marcey Kliparchuk, GUARDS (Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from Space), Canada
David Morrison, President, Wireless Education Action 501c3 non-profit, USA
Professor Yury Grigoriev, Deputy Chairman of Scientific Council of Radiobiology RAS, President of Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, Member of Int. Advisory Committee of WHO "EMF and Health", Russian Federation
Ed Friedman, Chair, Friends of Merrymeeting Bay, USA
Per Segerback, FEB, Scientific Advisor and Regional Representative for Greater Stockholm, Sweden
Livio Giuliani, Phd., International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety-ICEMS, Spokesman, Italia
Lennart Hardell, MD, PhD, Department of Oncology, University Hospital, Orebro, Sweden
Theodora Scarato LCSW-C, USA
Steve Steckler, USA
Frank Clegg, CEO, Canadians For Safe Technology, C4ST, Canada
Carlos Sosa, M.D., Colombia, S.A.
Christopher Ives, MA, VP Technology, RESTCo Inc. Remote Energy Security Technologies Collaborative, Canada
Prof. Dr. Raul Montenegro, PhD., Evol. Biology, Nat. University Cordoba; Alternative Nobel Prize 2004 RLA, Sweden/Argentina
Janet Newton, President, The EMR Radiation Policy Institute, Vermont, USA Amber Passini, USA
Anthony B. Miller, M,D., Professor Emeritus, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto, Canada
Zamir P. Shalita, Israel
Cyril W. Smith, Co-author, "Electromagnetic Man: Health and Hazard in the Electrical Environment", UK
Dr. Federica Lamech, MBBS, Monash, Australia
Prakash Munshi, Citizen Groups of Mumbai, India
JUHI Chawla Mehta, Citizen Groups of Mumbai, India
Sarah Benson, Greece
Angela Cinader, BS ChE, UCLA, Parent of Boys ages 7 and 11 (1 with EHS), USA
Lily Turner, GUARDS Member. USA
Susan Foster, Medical Writer, US Advisor to Radiation Research Trust (UK), USA
Richard Ouimet, Canada
Michael Schwaebe P.E., BBEC, USA
Sissel Halmoy, Folkets Stralevern, Norway
Mary Anne Tierney, RN, MPH, USA
Hedda L. Haning, M.D., USA
Monica Mendiwel So Benkek, Director, School of Self-Inquiry, Colombia, S.A.
Chuck Matzker, USA
Mme Marie-Claire Cammaerts, Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Faculte des Sciences, Belgique
Patricia Burke,, USA
Magda Havas, PhD, Professor, Trent University, Canada
Desiree Jaworski, Executive Director, Center for Safer Wireless, USA
Andrea Fabry, President, momsAWARE, a non-profit advocacy group, USA
Barbara Kollen, Mother of 2 Adult Children and 2 Grandchildren, USA
Windee Willoughby, Garden Designer, USA
Carol M. West, U.S. National Park Service, retired, USA
Anne Mills, EHS victim, USA
Eric Mills, Concerned Citizen, USA
Susan Molloy, M.A., Rehab Assistance for Environmental Illness/Intolerance, USA
Jonathan Mirin, theatre artist and husband of a woman with EHS, USA/Switzerland
Godelieve Richard, theatre artist with EHS, USA/Switzerland
Thomas Schepens, Concerned Citizen, Canada
Francoise LeBlanc, Canada
Judy Watt, Lakeshore Coalition & Wendy Walks for Electrosensitivity, Canada
Ron Watt, Lakeshore Coalition & Wendy Walks for Electrosensitivity, Canada
Richard H. Conrad, Ph.D., biochemist, USA
Pri Bandara, PhD, Australia
Warren Woodward, USA
Gunnar Heuser MD, Ph.D, USA
Marne Glaser, BS, MA, Executive Member of the Managing Secretariat, ICEMS, Italy/USA
Sandi Maurer, Director, EMF Safety Network, USA
Sandra Ross, PhD., Health & Habitat, USA
Malcolm Paterson, PhD, Molecular Oncologist, Manager, Research Initiatives, British Columbia Cancer Agency
Sindi Ahluwalia Hawkins Centre for the Southern Interior, USA
Lukas H. Margaritis, Professor Emeritus, Cell Biology and Radiobiology, University of Athens, Greece
Debby Baskin, D.C., Doctor of Chiropractic & EHS sufferer, USA
Steven Magee, Chartered Electrical Engineer; Member, Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), UK citizen, USA
Victoria Sievers, Regional Outreach Coordinator, EMF Safety Network, USA
Deborah Carney, JD, VP-EMR Policy Institute; President, Canyon Area Residents for the Environment (CARE), USA
Elizabeth Pond Reza, MSPM, BBEC, EMRS, Current Living, LLC, USA
Lena Pu, B.S. Landscape Architect, past work: Environmental Restoration Project Management, USA
Antoinette "Toni" Stein, PhD, USA
Olemara Peters, Safe Utility Meters Alliance NW, USA
Ellen Marks, California Brain Tumor Association, USA
The Honorable Andrea M. Boland, MBA, Former Maine State legislator, responsible for EMF protection legislation, USA
Garril Page, Taxpayer and Voter, USA
Francisco de Assis Ferreira Tejo, DSc, Professor (Ret), Electrical Engineering Dept, Univ. Federal de Campina Grande, Brazil
Prof. Dr. med Franz Adlkofer, Chairman, Pandora Foundation, Germany
Dr. Isaac Jamieson, PhD, Biosustainable Design, UK
Alison Main, USA
Pauline Housden, Canada
Susan Pitcairn, MS, USA
Richard Pitcairn, DVM PhD, USA
Gillian Goslinga, PhD, USA
Alina Cobzaru, Senior Researcher, Engineer, National Institute Research & Development, Construction & Sustainable Development, Romania
Tais Howard, LAc., MAOM, USA
Deborah Andrew, MA
Don Maisch, PhD., Australia
David MacCormack, U.S. Postal employee, USA
Ms. Meris Michaels, Member, Association Romande Alerte (advocates safer use, wireless technology), Switzerland.
Kim Hahn, MA, private tutor, USA
Greg Roberson, Arizona Department of Corrections, Student, Retired Army Special Forces, USA
Ron McNutt, concerned citizen, Canada
James Edward (Ted) Archibald, BSc Hon Physics + Chemistry; Computer consultant;, Canada
Sherry Ridout, member Citizens for Safe Technology; member, Canadians for Safe Technology, Canada
Norbert Duerichen, Natural Builder, Canada
Julia Greenlaw, USA
David G. Paulin, Canada
Christopher Anderson, ElectroSmog Solutions, Professional EMRadiation Consultant, Canada
Yves Shpengla, agriculture, Canada
Marilyn Garrett, retired teacher, Wireless Radiation Alert Network, USA
Ralph Dom, father of 1, grandfather of 3 - Salt Spring Island, Canada Dawn MacDonald, USA
Allison Jablonko, PhD., Anthropologist, USA
Phoebe Sorgen, Berkeley Fellowship of Universalist Unitarians, Social Justice Committee, USA
Tracy Hendershott, Healthcare practitioner (Physical Therapist) and concerned citizen, USA
Ron Bar
Peter Ludwig, Exec.Dir., Competence Initiative for the Protection of Humanity, Environment and Democracy e.V., Germany
Lisa Lavine Nagy M. D., Medical Director, Environmental Health Center of Martha's Vineyard; Communications Director, American Academy of Environmental Medicine, USA
Katie Keefer, USA
Roslyn Hamilton
Crystal Wolf, concerned citizen, Canada
Theodore Tytkanych, concerned citizen, Canada
Gloria Frank, USA
Daniel Berman, board member, Wireless Education Action 501c3 non-profit, USA
Peter Notz, very concerned citizen, Canada
Elizabeth Notz, very concerned citizen, Canada
Giselle Duval, Artist, concerned citizen suffering with electrical sensitivity. Canada
Jennifer Tanner, USA
Linda Gerrard, GRNCM, opera singer, member of ISM and AOTOS, UK
Avis Seads, Canada
Helen Searle, Citizen at Large, USA
Yvonne Rousseau, Canada
Kelly Green, Founder, Canadian parents' online forum "Parents for Choice in Technology", Canada
Bruce Wrigley, concerned parent, Canada
Brian Wrigley, concerned citizen, Canada
Michael Cepuch, private citizen, USA
Sonja Kirsanova, Switzerland
Pilar Revelles
Tracey Wolansky, Canada
Linda Becker, EHS person "getting worse every year", USA
Cheriel Jensen, USA
Laura von Hausen, Canada
Pete Creelman, USA
Mitchell Cohen, Coord. No Spray Coalition against pesticides; Former Chair, WBAI radio local station board, USA
Liz (SE) Walker QJM, Ret. Environmental Specialist, Powertech Labs; Director, Citizens for Safe Technology, Canada
Finlay MacPherson, Canada
Sarah Simpson, UK
Paul Basker, father, grandpa, vegetable gardener, general contractor, USA
Phyllis Kirson, mother, grandma, concerned human, USA
Dave Ashton, EMF / EHS Advocate, UK
Oona McOuat, Music Teacher at the Salt Spring Centre School, Canada
Linda Sepp, Canada
Manuel Erickson, concerned, retired citizen, Canada
Elly Jodari, USA
John Frink, Safe Utility Meters Alliance-NW, USA
Rebecca Em Campbell, Independent Researcher/Alternative Journalist/Activist-Artist, USA
Rick Nelissen, Canada
Nan Wishner, Albany Residents for Responsible Oversight of Wireless, USA
Girish Kumar, Professor, Electrical Engineering Department, I.I.T., India
Nawaz Khan HND, BSc. CompTIA A+, Pully, Switzerland
Michael Meek, USA
Larry Parrish, USA
Jerry K. Johnson, retired, former Ombudsmen for Arizona (AZ) Department of Revenue, USA
Karen S. Johnson, retired AZ State Legislator (served in the AZ House for 8 years and AZ Senate for 4 years: 1998-2010), USA
Stan Kingman, USA
Mary Sobolewski, Canada
Joan Harrington, Neurology Research/Educator/Learning Specialist, USA
Anneliese Emerson, USA
Kathy Ging, MA, Families for SAFE Meters, USA
Mike Mitcham, Cofounder, Stop Smart Meters! UK
Erika Brunson, President of Copps, Owner of Design Associates, USA
Margo Jensen, Canada
Sylvan Moir, composer
J. Menard, Teacher, Canada
Melissa Chalmers, Lakeshore Coalition & Wendy Walks for ES, Canada
Maggie Kohanek, Director, Bisbee and Cochise County People for Community and Environmental Rights Nation, USA
Helene Robertson, USA
Michele Hertz, Founder: Stop Smart Meters NY, USA
Nancy Morris, Safe Utility Meters Alliance Northwest, USA
Norm Ryder, Canada
Eric van Dalen, USA
Michael Clarage, PhD, Astronomer, Physicist, Structural Biologist, USA
Sandra Nixon, USA
Dr. Lennart Vriens, StopUMTS, The Netherlands
Martin L. Pall, Ph.D, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, Washington State University, USA
Neil Pregozen, Amherst Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine, USA
Ramola D, concerned mother of 11-year-old, USA
Joan Rabbotini
Rene Janssen, Building Biologist from the Netherlands, currently living in India
Sharon Noble, Director, Citizens for Safe Technology; Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters, Canada
Dennis Noble, PhD, Canada
Arthur Saftlas, USA
Sheila Lisster, UK
Evelyn Savarin, USA
Maya Cain, USA
Dafna Tachover, "EHS Fight Back", Israel
Jane A. Ferris, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, USA
Anna Harpley, Australia
Helene Vadeboncoeur, Ph.D, Association pour la sante environnementale du Quebec, Canada
Hugo Schooneveld, PhD, Adviser to the Dutch EHS Foundation, The Netherlands
Patty Hemingway MA, Dhom (Med), Health Consultant, Electrosensitive and member of SSITA, UK Spadanuda-Special Consultant for Italian Court of Appeal on Electromagnetism, Italia
Janis Hoffmann, Regional Representative Citizens for Safe Technology, Canada
Mary Beth Brangan, Co-Director, EON, The Ecological Options Network, USA
James Heddle, Co-Director, EON, The Ecological Options Network, USA
Camilla Rees, MBA,, Campaign for Radiation Free Schools, USA
Dilnar Chichgar, India
Ann Rosenqvist, Sweden
Torkel Atterbom, Sweden
Daniela L. Homberger, Switzerland
Agnes Ingvarsdottirm - Mast Victims, UK and Denmark based
Ron Schranz, USA
Kate Kheel, Director of Maryland Smart Meter Awareness, USA
Frank Egger, former 7-term mayor of Fairfax, CA, USA
Brian Bunn, REHSRS, CP-FS, MPH-c, BBEC (it), EMRS (it), USA
Alfonso Balmori, Biologist, Research on effects of electromagnetic radiation on animals and plants, Spain
Nina Anderson, President: The Scientific Alliance for Education, USA
Deborah M. Rubin, People Against Cell Towers at Schools, USA
Mona Nilsson, chairman, Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation, Sweden
John Lee, USA
Lise Archambault, Canada
Peter Boulton, Canada
Lena Hedendahl, MD, Sweden
Johan Wilhelmson, MD, Sweden
Sorcha Lenagh, UK
Rabbi Paul Arberman, Israel
Stephanie Austin, Coalition for Health Against Smart Meters (C.H.A.S.M.), American Coalition for Property Rights, USA
Michael Bevington, Chair of Trustees, Electrosensitivity UK (ES-UK)
Andre Fauteux, Publisher, La Maison du 21e siecle, Canada
Nils Mogenson
Andrea Collins, UK
Felicity Tanous, UK
Roger J. Middleton B.Eng., B.Com., C.F.A., Retired, Canada
Rana Haffar, UK
Leif Erlingsson, Sweden
Donna Hartson, USA
Sara Peckham, USA
Ade Gray, Trustee, Mast Sanity, UK
Carol Stanton, UK
Christine Semenick, concerned citizen, Comox, Canada
Iona Altman, member, Sedona Smart Meter Awareness, USA
George W. Koch, concerned citizen, Canada
Darla C. Engelman, Minister, artist, USA
Elizabeth Dawson, Canada
Valerie Sobel, President, Andre Sobel River of Life foundation, USA
Roni Lederman, Israel
Antonio Gagliardi, president, Association "Elettrosmog Volturino", Italy
Madhavi Mundrathi, USA
Rahel Warshaw-Dadon, Israel
Kate Darling, USA
Angela Page, USA
Stephen Dahl, father of two elementary school children, USA
Martine Victor, Concerned parent of two children; former leader of Vermont, USA
Francesca Romana Orlando, Vice President of AMICA, Italia
Jim Warren, USA
Nancy York, USA
Marianna Hartsong, USA
Dr. Cindy Russell, MD, Pesticide Alternatives Santa Clara County, USA
Harry J. Warner, M.Sc.. Concerned Person, Canada
Yannis Fyssas, Concerned Citizen, Canada
Walter Patrick McGinn, EMF tester, Canada
Java Secaijo, Concerned Citizen, Canada
Eileen O'Connor, Director, UK EM Radiation Research Trust, UK
Edward Rubin, concerned citizen, BC, Canada
Moon Teitel Guilford, USA
Jane Whitehead, Concerned Citizen, Canada
Linda Berg, EHS Activist, USA
John Vanschie, Canada
Nhu Ngo, Canada
Terrie Burns, natural healthcare practitioner, USA
Michael Bohdan, natural healthcare practitioner, USA
Elizabeth R. Mears, Consumer Health Advocate, PPSI, Inc., USA
Cherry L. Reed, Canada
Laureen Maurizio, Canada, Lakeshore Coalition & Wendy Walks for ES
Otto Schnirer, Retired, Canada
Yael Levin, Israel
Andrew Kurowski, farmer, USA
Meredith Wecker, farmer, USA (Electro-Hyper Sensitive)
Sallie Latch, USA
Marc Haberman, Neighbors for Safer Wireless Technology, USA
Teresa Hitch, Canada
Walter Vohradsky, Canada
Di MacDonald, Concerned, retired citizen who values the quality of the life she has left, Canada
Forbes MacDonald, Concerned, retired citizen who values the quality of the life he has left, Canada
Markus Lauener, President of Committee of Dachverband Elektrosmog Schweiz und Liechtenstein, Liechtenstein
Megan Durnford, Canada
Richard Sacks, Host, Lost Arts Radio, Independent holistic health scientist since 1965, Essene teacher, USA
Edna Pettipas, Canada
Jon Eakes, Canada
Jacques Hebert, acupuncteur, Canada
Beverley Jean Sinclair
Jean-Pierre Boisvert, Canada
Irene Zuili, Israel
Linnet Kartar, concerned citizen, Canada
William McKenzie, PEng, MBA, Canada.
Deborah McAulay, Canada
Stephanie St-Amant, Canada
Jorn Senstad, Canada
Tamara Farmer, USA
Shari R. Anker, M.S.W., USA
Ilyana Landes, USA
Dr. Martha Corlett, Doctor of Dental Medicine, Canada
Sandra Chianfoni, Global Radio Frequency Defense Team, USA
Susan Read, USA
Mr. and Mrs. H.U.P. Edwards, concerned and retired citizens, Canada
Dr Elizabeth Evans MA (Cantab), MBBS, DRCOG, UK, Cofounder, Stop Smart Meters (UK); Medical Adviser to SSITA (Safe Schools Information Technology Alliance), UK
Frank Garnish, Exec. Director, Comets Sport, Recreation, and Culture Society, Canada
Christine Beegan, Canada
Arlene Regeling, Canada
Brigitte Watson, Canada
Diane Hickey, USA
Lesley Barnett, Claimants to Pronouncing True Knowing About Technologies and concerned citizen, Canada
Liz Menkes, Certified Building Biologist, USA
Paul McGavin, USA
Clara Marie Fritz, Licensed Massage Therapist, USA
Yvonne Bell, retired and concerned citizen, Canada
Judith Hammill, concerned citizen, Canada
Nancy Lyle Bennett, FengShui/Energy Worker; Pianist, We Three Trio, USA
Sylvia Donati, teacher, mother
Karen Hamilton-Roth, RN, mother of one, USA
Rod Cooper, Canada
Sheila J Winter, an individual who suffered with EHS for 7 years, USA
France St Louis Brown, electrosensitive, Canada
Susan LaFleur, USA
Alison Richmond, yoga teacher and concerned citizen, Canada
Victor Odlivak, member, Families for Safe Smart Meters, USA
Christopher Heppner, Ph.D. and concerned citizen, Canada
Dan Mattson, EMF Technician and Consultant, USA
Colin Ruffles, retired high school teacher, Canada
Sangita Moskow, composer, USA
Wendy Hill, Registered Nurse, Canada
Judy Kubrak, Canada
Pamela Walters, B.A., MCR, Graduate student, Green Mountain College, Vermont, Environmental Studies Masters Program, USA
Diehl O. McKay, concerned citizen, Canada
Robert Weinhold, USA
Lori Pappajohn, Journalist,Winter Harp Director, Canada
Neha Kumar, Entrepreneur, NESA & B.Tech Industrial Biotechnology Nation, USA
Cindy Winkelman, private citizen, USA
Elizabeth Prather, USA
Eric Edelmann, Canada
Ms. Jean Burdo
Alan Jensen, EHS concerned citizen, Canada
Sandy Fields,,, USA
Anna Saunders, Political Science Student, Canada
Andrea Metz, USA
Floris Freshman, EHS sufferer, Actress/Artist/Tarot Reader, USA
Susan Pistawka, Licensed Acupuncturist (B.Sc. M.Ac.O.M.,L.Ac.), USA
Jason Edwards, USA
Karen Hennessy, USA
Robert J Hennessy, USA
Robert W Hennessy, USA
Merc Farre, Spain
Sandra Martinez, Speech Therapist, USA
Joyce M Eden, RYT, USA
Keren Biran, Israel
Barbara Musser, teacher, parent, grandparent, USA
Jan Lewis Slavid, EMF Safety Network Member, USA
S. Thomas, USA
Steven Halpern, Ph.D, Grammy nominated recording artist and researcher, Inner Peace Music, USA
Yvan Tardif, Canada
Guylaine Couture, Canada
Joe Brulotte, Canada
Arlyn Greig, Canada
Liz Barris,;;;
Virginia Farver, son died of brain tumor due to exposure to antennas, USA
Margaret White, UK
Miss Anita Muljibhai Gandhi, India
Miss Malti Muljibhai Gandhi, India
Anita Gandhi: Low radiation in house but constant so got breast cancer and underwent right breast mastectomy--Tumour between 2nd and 3rd grade. Malti Gandhi: kept getting non-healing mouth ulcers sleep disorders, and short term memory loss frequently.
Igor Belyaev, Dr.Sc., Head, Radiobiology Lab, Cancer Research Institute, Slovak Academy of Science, Slovak Republic
Chellis Glendinning, Ph.D. in Psychology, Retired LPCC/New Mexico, Bolivia F Sutton, Canada
Smadar Suday Rozin, Israel
Cindi Peck, USA
Kirstin Tuttle, USA
Ms. Deborah Cran, EHS/MCS, Spokesperson for Gulf Islanders for Safe Technology, Canada
Elaine Marsh
Kath Hewitt, concerned citizen, Canada
Martine Leonard, Canada
Lois Albury, concerned citizen, Canada
Janice Kyd, USA
Gerry Conway, concerned citizen, Canada
Kirstin Beatty, Healing Earth Refuge, USA
Valerie Stanley-Jones BA, MH, CHT, RRRT, Canada
Laurie Sheridan, Green Party, USA
L Ramsay, Canada
P. Hodge, Canada
Maria Acosta porte-parole, Basses-Laurentides Refuse, Canada
Rene Robert Boucherville, Canada
Donna Fraser, Canada
Paul Doyon, EMF Refugee, Electromagnetic Safe Planet, The Microwave Factor, USA
LR Floyd, mother of 1, grandmother of 3 - Salt Spring Island, Canada
Diane Ensign, Board member, HEAL, Human Ecology Action League of Southern Arizona, USA
Michelle Berriedale-Johnson, Director: FreeFrom Awards; Editor: FreeFrom Matters, UK
Alison Heath, Host of EMF Summit (online), Canada
Peter Schlegel, Secretary, on behalf of Burgerwelle e.V. Schutz von Mensch und Umwelt, Germany
David Barouh, private citizen, USA
Ziv Vaturi
Gil Sutovsky
Pedro Belmonte, Ecologists in Action, electromagnetic pollution area, Spain
Carol Stirling, UK
Pamela Verduyn, Canada
Llona Endisch, BCompSc, Canada
Kathryn Stauffer
Ron Colson, USA
Shannon Shephard, Canada
Janus D. Gutteson, Faroe Islands
William Collinge, PhD, MPH, Collinge & Associates, Iinc., USA
April O'Donoughue, Campaign to Control Proliferation of Cell Towers & Microwaves in Eastern Townships, Canada
Rosalind Adams, Canada
Louise Bachand, Canada
Leslie G. Saffer, USA
Una St. Clair, Executive Director, Citizens for Safe Technology; North Okanagan CST, Canada
Anna Guthrie, Canada
Cheryl Bastedo, Citizen of the World, Canada
Irma de la Verde, Canada
Sheila A. Pratt, Canada
Lynn Roberts
Daisy Cartwright, USA
David Smernoff, PhD. Psysiologial Ecologist, USA
Walter McGinnis, EMF Tester, Canada
Gwen Curry, Canada
Kay Sibery, Canada
Carol Hargitt, Canada
Arlen Churchill, MA, EMF-sensitive person, Canada
Pamela D. Steinberg, elder worker and mother of two children
Jonathon Harvey, Canada
Brad Walters, BS, Chemistry; MBA, Aerospace Process Engineer & Quality Manager, (Ret.) USA
Nicola Kingsley, USA
Jonathan D. Libber, Counsel to Maryland Smart Meter Awareness, Former Senior Attorney, US EPA, USA
Daniela Lareau, Canada
Angela Ortega, Issues Magazine, Canada
Richard Ortega, Issues Magazine, Canada
Winifred Thomas, USA
Jim Ervin, author; member of the Coalition to Stop Smartmeters, Canada
Sylvia Buttner-Schnirer, concerned parent/citizen; Coalition to Stop Smart Meters BC; Citizens for Safe Technology
Livia Redesci, MCS/EHS sufferer, Canada
Kevin Koronko, MCS/EHS sufferer, Canada
Professor Nabhraj R. Spogliarich, EleCT MBRCP, Associate Professor of General & Inorganic Chemistry (ret.), Canada
Vasana Spogliarich, EleCT MBRCP, Canada
Cathy Read, Concerned Citizen, Canada
Jennifer Warr, Concerned Citizen
Lia Fraser, Canada
Melissa Verton, yoga teacher and therapist, Canada
P. Shaw, Canada
Sharon Blanchard Deoux, Canada
Carolyn S. Lenert, community leader and activist, USA
Arlene Goetze, USA
Rebecca Mofya, USA
Dr Lauraine Vivian, medical anthropologist, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Cape Town, South Africa
Tatiana Styloglou, International Relations, Priartem, France
Mary Reynolds, South Africa
Ramesh Patil, Founder, CVC (Citizens Vigilance Council), India
Evelyne Rouquie, EHS since 2007, France
Eric Ferland, Projet ECOSPHERE, Canada
Delphine Bachand-Morin Projet ECOSPHERE, Canada
Constance Robinson, RAC, PMP , EMF / EHS sensitive (diagnosed May 2014), USA
Dr. Barbara James, chiropracter, Canada
Eric Windheim, BA, EMRS, BBEC, Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist; Cert. Building Biology Enviro. Consl.,USA Susan Landes, USA
Lesleigh Farr, Canada
Benita Schluschen, Concerned Citizen, Canada
Marcus Schluschen, Concerned Citizen, Canada
Deborah Landdowne, CCH, RSHom(NA), Classical Homeopathy and Gemmology, Certified CEASE therapist, USA
Joe Cosper, USA
Lerena Cosper, USA
Katlyn Stranger, MFT, SE; USA
Monica Lopez, USA
Sue Brinchman, Director, Center for Electrosmog Prevention, USA
Cecile Davidson, Canada
Heidi Davidson, Canada
Robert Davidson, Canada
Ian Wallace, Canada
Janis R. Thompson, Canada
Daniel Forcier, journeyman, electrician, Canada
Joanne Giesbrecht, school teacher (ret.), school classroom volunteer, Canada
Chacon N. Paqita Navarette
Diane Ray, LMFT, USA
Adilza Condessa Dode, PhD, MSc. Prof.Electromagnetic Pollution Control, Environmental Engineer, Brazil
Rob States, MS, PE; consulting engineer- electronics, aviation, structures, construction, computers, USA
Dr. John Kiefer, Chiropracter, USA
Mary Redmayne, PhD, Scientific Advisor to Environmental Health Trust (USA), New Zealand
Judy A. Staab, USA
Douglas E Staab, USA
Dominique Belpomme, MD, ECERI, Belgium
Phillipe Irigaray, ARTAC, Belgium
Christine Campagnac, ECERI, Belgium
Lyn McLean, Director, EMR Australia. Australia
Yael Stein, MD
Israelv Ariel Barfield, PhD, HEAL - Human Ecology Action League of Southern Arizona, USA
Virginia Suders-Mason, MT, Retired, USA
Maris Sidenstecker, USA
Christopher Bell, Environmental Consultant, International Institute for Building Biology & Ecology, USA
Geraldine Bell, USA
Karen Johnson Leuthner, Canada
Michael Pellegatti, President, Conservation Video Production, Wild Visions, Inc., USA
John C. Provost, USA
Eric Schoenberg, MD, USA
Jim Stackow, father of 4, Canada

Note: the signatories to this appeal have signed as individuals, giving their professional affiliations, but this does not necessarily mean that this represents the views of their employers or the professional organizations they are affiliated with.

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