Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from Space (GUARDS)

GUARDS is an international coalition against global WiFi from space, a complex technology of radiation and toxic chemicals endangering all life on Earth

GUARDS Press Releases

  • 19 April 2018 Proliferation of Wireless Radiation Emissions Accelerates New Silent Spring

    On Earth Day, the Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from Space (GUARDS) warns it is essential the public recognizes what experts have long known: wireless radiation harms insects, birds, and trees.

    Wireless technologies are promoted as green and harmless but are neither. In addition to detrimental biological effects, they contribute substantially to global carbon dioxide emissions and accelerated climate change.

  • 20 March 2018 Frequent Rocket Launches Destroy Ozone, Worsen Climate Change: Serious implications for SpaceX, OneWeb, and Boeing

    The recent finding, in 2018, that stratospheric ozone is still declining despite the Montreal Protocol took everyone by surprise. The increasing pace of ever-more-powerful rocket launches is a likely factor. Imminent plans for the launching of large rockets almost daily are expected to alter, if not destroy, the ozone layer and contribute significantly to climate change.

    An abridged version is also available.

  • 17 May 2016 Why the UN Humanitarian Summit MUST "aim high"

    Sarah Benson, GUARDS member in Greece "hopes that this Summit will 'aim high' enough to include an urgent issue affecting the entire population of the planet - microwave emissions from space-based WiFi network infrastructure." Benson added, "GUARDS has, therefore, written a letter to the Secretary-General requesting that this issue be added to the agenda of the upcoming Humanitarian Conference."

  • 21 March 2016 Google's Loony Experiment Approved by FCC
    On March 17, 2016, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) gave Google permission to conduct its Project Loon experiments in the U.S., despite evidence it will violate human rights and harm human health and the environment.

    Based on details in the application, the experiments may take place at any location and any time or continuously, will pollute public and private environments indoors and outdoors in the U.S. with microwave radiation, and do not include any requirement to notify people in the area who will be exposed to an altered experimental environment.

  • 27 December 2015 Congressional Corruption Threatens American Health
    Eight companies are planning to launch more than 11,000 satellites for global wireless coverage - a microwave radiation based technology. An action group composed of citizens worldwide - Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from Space (GUARDS) - contends that these projects, which include projects by SpaceX, Facebook, and Google's Project Loon, violate important human rights conventions due to the serious biological effects and non-consenting microwave radiation exposures which will result. This global union contends that decades of congressional corruption has resulted in a lack of protections for the public.

  • 17 May 2015 Global WiFi Conference in London
    Are 11,000 more satellites set to severely affect public health and the ozone layer?

  • 25 March 2015 Planned Global WiFi from Space Will Destroy Ozone Layer, Worsen Climate Change, and Threaten Life on Earth
    Five companies are gearing up to provide high-speed global WiFi coverage from space within the next three to four years. This would be an ecological and public health nightmare, according to a recently-formed international coalition: the Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from Space (GUARDS).

    Wireless Technology Harming Ordinary People

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